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Toughened Glass in Burnley

Toughened glass is a glass that shatters into thousands of smaller pieces when broken. The reason for this is to act as a safety precaution from the usual breakages that would see large shards of glass with the potential to cause severe harm in comparison to the smaller shattered pieces.

Toughened Glass is around seven times stronger than traditional glass,and includes flexible features to help resist against breakages.That means once fitted in a window portal or panel of a door, it can resist against everyday bangs such as footballs and soft plastic toys.

Toughened glass is now a neccessity in lower level windows and must be used in areas that are 300mm from the edges of doors to withstand the vibrations caused when a sdoor is slammed shut by the wind.

Any style of glass can be toughened and our products are the most toughened glass in Burnley. Obscure patterns, coloured glass and frosted glass can all be manufactured to be toughened. The heating and cooling process is the same in all glass, so it’s just as easy to create toughened glass in any style or shape.

Every pane of toughened glass should have the protection kite mark shown within the corner. This can vary between manufactures,but it ought to be acid brocaded or screen written so it cannot be faked, replicated or removed. Toughened glass is usually embossed with the marking BS6206/A. It is also laminated either side to add an extra protection criteria. If a pane of glass was to be impacted in the corner. it would send small shards cracking all over the pane. These smaller parts would stay intact due to the laminated sheet offering extra protection to small children, animals and people without footwear.

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